We are based in Nicaragua and are dedicated to creating better lives for those we are privileged to serve. We have a special announcement - view the video below.
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A New Chapter is Beginning

We have an exciting announcement to make! The time for the Isaiah Ministry has officially run its course and is coming to an end.

Jessica and I both have felt for some time that the Lord has been preparing us for something new and upon finishing this last year we both were in agreement that the Lord was saying now is the time. 

We will continue to live in Nicaragua and minister to our brothers and sisters here; releasing freedom, sharing the Good News, and shining bright for Jesus but there are some major changes coming to the ministry.  

I encourage you to watch this video as I felt it was the best way to personally share with you what has transpired and answer any questions that you may have.

This will officially be the last blog post on this website and after a few months all traffic to this site will be directed to the new website for Fervent Fire Ministries.  As well, the Isaiah Ministry facebook groups will soon be closed and I will invite all who are part of those groups to join us over at the facebook group page for Fervent Fire Ministries if anyone so desires.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me or fb message me and I will be happy to let you know any and all information I can provide about this transition.  

We can still receive support and donations through Paypal just as before; the only thing changing being the name of the ministry, but the same ministry bank accounts are attached to the Paypal account so I don’t foresee any issues there. 

As well, if you are donating through bank to bank transfer we will still be using the same account #’s, however the name on the accounts will eventually change over to the new ministry name of Fervent Fire Ministries; Wells Fargo is still working on that for us.

The new website address will be ferventfire.org, which should be active, if not by when you read this, very soon. 

So check often! 😉 

Bless you all and thank you so much for your time, prayers, and support of our efforts here in Nicaragua for Jesus! We could not do this alone and we are so appreciative of each and every one of you!

Bless you!

- Michael and Jessica

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“We’ve been participating sponsors of The Isaiah Ministry for several years now. We believe deeply in this ministry and the work that Michael Folsom and others are doing in Nicaragua. We’re firm believers not everyone can do this type of ministry and God has blessed this ministry and the kids with Michael. Michael displays the true meaning of “a calling” through his daily life in this impoverished country. We know what Michael meant to our first sponsored child and we’re confident the testimony of so many would show the love and respect they hold for him. The Isaiah Ministry is not Michael’s “job.” Rather it is his life’s work…the true meaning of “a calling.” We, too, hold the utmost respect for Michael and others doing God’s work and truly making a difference!”
Michael & Lacy Dufrene

“I’ve spent time with Mike, Jessica and the Isaiah Ministry in Nicaragua on 3 separate occasions. Each time, I’ve felt God pulling me there, even before I was born again.

As a result of that 1st trip, everything changed for me. See, I grew up a “Christian” who prayed, went to church and read my Bible dutifully, just like eating vegetables as a kid but I was a mess, so far from God and didn’t even know it.

However, through my experience there, God showed me that this isn’t how a real relationship with Him is. The light that glows from that place is irresistible, loving and so powerful. I could go on forever about how different this is from religion, most of the “Christian” church and how my life was changed but I think the only way to summarize it is that now, everything is different in my whole life because I have a relationship with my Father and get to live and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit…

This is nothing like what I had when I thought was a Christian and that place is filled with God’s love and power that Mike and his ministry walk in every day in a radical, inviting, loving and irresistible way.

Every time I return, I meet God there in a special way and walk away filled to overflowing and better at sharing God’s love with the world. The spiritual atmosphere in that place is nothing that can be described.

For me, being able to contribute financially to the ministry is an opportunity to see my little dollars go out, oppose the gates of hell and win! The dollars aren’t what matters, it’s the partnership with God in seeing Jesus’ kingdom come that matters and when my little contributions go to that place, I know that God is at work with them through this organization in a special way… those small investments are magnified and multiplied in a very real way spiritually in a tangible sense on this earth.

I’ve seen more lives changed there and more good things freely given out there and experienced the judgement-free love of God being shared through this organization more than anywhere else on planet earth.”

Ryan Moore

“When Michael started the Isaiah Ministry we knew we would be sponsoring a child with him. Being us, we procrastinated in contacting him about our desire to sponsor someone. By the time we did, all the kids had already been sponsored. Michael told us not to worry, that he had a couple more kids that he would be bringing into the project. That kid was Alex, although kid might have been a bit of a misnomer. At the time Alex was 14 years old and in high school. We have been sponsoring him ever since. Sponsoring Alex has been a huge blessing to us. We have been able to watch him grow in wisdom, maturity and most importantly in faith. Being able to help such a bright and dedicated young man get a top notch high school education and continue supporting him as he went on to English school and now University has truly been an honor. We also had the joy of finally getting to meet Alex when we went to Nicaragua for Michael and Jessica’s wedding. It was so wonderful to be with him and especially see Alex’s love for us and our children. What a good God we have to bring an American family together with a missionary to a young man in Nicaragua who needed to know God’s love for him. We thank God for the ability to be a part of the Isaiah Ministry and for our 5th kid, Alex.”

Wesley & Jessica Buchta

“I’ve been a sponsor since I don’t know when. I was fortunate to meet Michael in Germany before he started out in Nicaragua. My relationship with him and the Isaiah Ministry has been so unexpected and so amazing. I sponsor a young man named Kevin, who I was lucky enough to meet for a few days in 2012. Both Michael and Kevin have been an inspiration to me. It’s been…fun. It would not be an exaggeration to say being connected to the Isaiah Ministry began a long transformation of my faith and a deeper understanding of God’s love and grace. Hearing Michael talk about the faith, watching his great progress in Nicaragua and seeing how the kids are doing is a blessing. I love it.”
Paul Kahn

“What a blessing the Isaiah ministry is to both the city of Managua and everyone who comes and stays in Michael and Jessica’s home. My faith boosted substantially after spending just a week here, hearing about all the amazing things the Lord was doing through their ministry and witnessing it first hand.

I was healed of chronic pain thanks to the faithfulness of Michael and Jessica’s prayers and the power of the Holy Spirit within them, and have since stepped out in faith praying for people everywhere I go.

Thank you for inviting me into your home and allowing me to be a part of the Isaiah ministry. I can’t wait to come back!”

Tracy Molinar

My experience in Nicaragua was one that fundamentally lifted so much negative distraction from the life I elected to live. I witnessed the meaning of service put forth by Michael. I experienced healing & peace within a safe place.

I was living deeper, purer, & more joyous than I ever knew possible. The environment in Nicaragua spent alongside Michael was open, lively, & uplifting in every way. The heart strings evident in the Isaiah project are very much alive & the taproots established will bear much more fruit.

As a Christian we know our permanent home is not on Earth, yet this place is very near to my heart & I would promote it a beautiful place to settle & make that worldly impact. I thank Michael for his willingness to be a student of Christ, the culture, & leadership. My mission is to build an asset large enough to be able to provide back what was once gifted to me in that country.

Camden Burge

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your mission statement?

We at The Isaiah Ministry understand that the future of Nicaragua rests in the precious hands of the children. Coming alongside the children and youth of Nicaragua to encourage, enable, and guide as best we can in love and truth is what we strive to achieve daily.

What do you believe?

We believe that all human beings have an innate longing and basic desire to feel the love of their Creator. Drawing our inspiration from the Word of God (Isaiah 58:6-11), we seek to continue this love-revolution that was begun by our Lord Jesus Christ and the first believers in “the Way” around two thousand years ago.

At the Isaiah Ministry we strive to show our Father’s love to our fellow man in the simplest forms such as caring for the physical needs of the poor; as well as in more spiritually provocative ways such as offering Bible studies and praying for the sick in public venues. Jesus was love incarnate while He walked this earth; He did not have a ministry-side to His daily life, His life was His ministry. We believe that this is to be our example here in Nicaragua and wherever we may be day to day.

The Isaiah Ministry is not anything new with respect to our feeding and educational programs; or even our Bible studies and public outreach events. However, we are seeking to show our Nicaraguan brothers and sisters what it looks like to live lives given to “being love” because we are loved by Him. This can happen at the grocery store, the bank, the barber shop, in class, on the bus, it just doesn’t matter!

We believe Holy Spirit goes with us everywhere we go and so wherever we go we carry on the inside of us hope, love, and power to change lives that are desperately searching for meaning and hope in a lost and corrupt world.

How can I support your ministry?

Your gifts are always incredibly appreciated. Through your generosity, we are able to share the love and power of God to those in need and build a better future for them.

You may partner with us and support us financially by clicking here.

How can I contact you?
You can contact us by visiting our contact page here.

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