Our Beginnings

The Isaiah Ministry is nothing new; we don’t claim to be blazing new ground or setting any new precedents.  The Isaiah Ministry was formed by the guidance of the Holy Spirit to fulfill what we believe to be humanity’s God-given purpose, to glorify the Lord in all that we do (Rom. 15:6).

Having spent a significant amount of time in Nicaragua building relationships, studying the culture, and seeking the Lord’s will in each step taken, a need came into focus and The Isaiah Ministry was born.

Our Motivation

Drawing our inspiration from the Word of God (Isaiah 58:6-11), we seek to continue this “love revolution” that has been changing the world since the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We at The Isaiah Ministry understand that we are incapable of doing anything of true value in our own strength and therefore seek to be inspired and lead by the Holy Spirit with respect to all decisions, ministry related or otherwise.

Boys in white

Our Vision

When we speak of “vision” at The Isaiah Ministry we speak of change rooted in righteousness; we speak of desire found in the enjoyment of the Lord; we speak of a vision that finds its origin in an eternal mindset.

We are not hoping to place a band-aid on a gaping wound by simply offering money; we hope to be vessels through which deep, personal relationships are formed and the Holy Spirit is given free reign to heal, to counsel, to guide.

The Future

We at The Isaiah Ministry understand that the future of Nicaragua rests in the precious hands of the children.

We strive daily to come alongside the children and youth of Nicaragua to encourage, enable, and guide as best we can in love and truth.

However, we too understand that we are but brittle clay in our Lord’s hands, each day seeking His will and fighting against the prince of evil who has such a tight grip on this nation.

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