Scattering seed, watering seed, now sit back and watch it grow!

Being open to Holy Spirit is simply that, being completely emptied of yourself; your desires, your ambitions, your hopes, your dreams, your worries, your fears . . . everything.  

I’m not talking about some new age practice either.  

I’m talking about intentionally placing all that you are to the side and telling Holy Spirit that He has total authority to do His will in your life.  

It’s saying to your Papa that you want to live for Him; that you know that what He would do with your life is so much better than anything you would ever do on your own.  

It’s not that it’s wrong to have desires, dreams, talents; but all these good things operating in a life outside of the guidance of Holy Spirit only lead to striving and disappointment when we realize at some point in the journey that lasting peace and joy has somehow eluded us.

Being open to Holy Spirit’s leading in your life is not a one time occurrence either.  Yes, it must begin with His filling of us completely, entirely to overflowing in what many of us refer to as the baptism in the Holy Spirit, of which I myself received in 2008, but that is merely the starting point of a life lead by His power and love.  

He longs to be involved in every part of our life, each moment of our every day.  

Reminds of a line in one of my favorite songs I worship to by Housefires called This Love.  

“This love, is an everyday kind of love, every morning I’m in it.

This love is an everyday kind of love, every evening I’m in it.”

Of course this is the reality of anyone who is in Christ, but it’s altogether a different thing to wake-up in the morning and begin communing with sweet Holy Spirit; to begin spilling the contents of your heart to Him behind closed doors all alone.  

Carrying the consciousness of Him in you throughout your day, no matter what happens, always ready to pour out the supernatural love which is inside of you.  

Then at the end of the day you lay your head down on the pillow enveloped in His love and peace, knowing that you are in perfect communion with the One who is pleased with you and you fall asleep with thankfulness on your lips and with overflowing gratitude in your heart that when the next dawn breaks you get to do it all over again!



This is the reality I have stepped into over the past year and a half or so.  

I have been a believer in Jesus for over 11 years, but I find myself in a place with the Lord that if I’m honest with you I would have to admit is by far the sweetest and most celestial that I’ve ever known.  

And the best part is from what I can tell it keeps getting better everyday!  The reason for this being is that I have discovered that the joy of the Lord and the peace that passes all our understanding, worldly wisdom and logic, is not dependent on our circumstances.  

His peace and love never fluctuate, they remain constant, like a flame that runs on a never-ending supply of oil, it just simply cannot be extinguished.  This flame of His love encapsulates our heart and enables us to take our eyes off of ourselves so that we can actually live from a place of love, not need.

There is no doubt in my mind that we are called to BURN AFLAME IN LOVE, but not the type of love that the world gives.  Many of us in the faith understand that our sins have been forgiven and one day we will be in heaven with the heavenly hosts celebrating together for eternity.  

However, I have found that many in the family of God have not allowed themselves to be consumed by the love of God.  I myself acknowledge that I lived roughly 9 years in Christ believing myself to be a passionate believer in Jesus, at least more than your average and everyday Christian you would come across at church.

Although I have not “arrived” by any means and do not pretend to be more “spiritual” than my brothers and sisters in the faith, whatever that means, I am saddened to see so many not living the ABUNDANT LIFE that is available to all of us who have been born again.  

I feel as if I have stepped off the shallow end of the pool and am just beginning to wade into the deeper waters of His love and it’s exciting!

As I explain to as many people as I can, MY LIFE IS AN ADVENTURE IN GOD!  

Each day I get to wake up and thank Him for the awesome things He is inviting me to be a part of that day and He never fails to fill that day with purpose and many times what I end up doing or who I end up encouraging in the Lord was not what I thought might take place when I woke up.  

But simply being open to go on that journey with Him and letting Him pour out His love into your heart so that you have more to give when that divine encounter arrives is all that is needed.

I am not talking about something that we strive for but rather a desire to openly lay before the Lord and let Him deepen in us and mature the understanding of His love in a way that leaves us transformed.  

And when I say “understanding” I am meaning we understand it because we are experiencing it at the same time.  

God’s love for us is not something that we grow into and then once we reach a certain point we consider ourselves having “figured it out.”  

Our Father’s love for us is so limitless that we will spend the rest of our lives dipping our bucket into the bottomless well of His goodness.  

We must not approach the love of God as a theological position to be arrived at but rather a fundamental and spiritual truth to be founded upon and from which we approach all of life’s endeavors.  

In the last few months since I wrote my last blog I have been extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to lead a handful of folks into beginning their own love relationship with the Lord!









The four in the photos above are Isaiah Ministry kids that I have known for at least 5 years and have prayed within the last few weeks to receive Jesus as Lord of their lives.  

What a blessing to be able to sit down and speak with each one of them about our Papa’s love for them and the great price that Jesus willingly paid for them on the cross so that they could intimately know His love and saving grace!

Each of these 4 kids, along with a few more that I prayed not shown here, were in different places in their understanding of the Gospel, but after only a few minutes of honest conversation and probing I understood that in each case sadly none had had the Gospel presented and explained to them from a perspective of God’s love and grace extended toward humanity through Jesus Christ.  

In just about every case God’s love touched each heart to the point where many tears were shed as a beautiful exchange took place; forgiveness for sin, grace for guilt, peace for fear, and love for rejection.

One other encounter I would like to share with you before ending this blog is of an ongoing one I am still investing in with a family who has been hurt by religion for a very long time.  The secretary of a local school some of my kids go to told me she was having a very rough go of it one day as I asked her how she was doing.  Her name is Araceli and Araceli, while holding back tears, shared with me how her father is terminally ill at home with prostate cancer.  

I asked if I could visit them one day so that I may pray for her father, Gustavo, because I believed that the Lord would heal him.  She said ok and a few days later I was over at their place and at Gustavo’s bedside.  

I spent about an hour or so with Gustavo sharing with him my testimony and how good the Lord is and Gustavo shared with me that he had never believed in the Lord and had never really seen good reason to.  He had watched his mother die a slow, painful death years before while asking the Lord to take her quickly and painlessly, which didn’t happen and if there was a God in his mind, He wasn’t a very kind one.  

Gustavo, who is 65, is no child and I imagined had had his share of religious conversations and debates, so in that situation it is only the love of God that can break through walls of such great hate and pain.  Praise God that after a while I asked if Gustavo would like to pray with me to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and he said yes and so in his room, bed-ridden, he gave his life to Christ.  

I didn’t know the impact this would have on his family until after I left his room at the end of our time together and his wife and Araceli told me how hard of a man he was and how many priests, pastors, Jehovah’s Witness and the like had been run out of his room after trying to persuade Gustavo of their position but to no avail.  

I had the wonderful opportunity to share the gospel, religion-free, to them both and pray blessings over them before leaving.  It was awesome!  It gets better . . . Araceli had her cell phone stolen a few days before during the week and so the Lord put it on my heart for us to buy her a new cell phone just because Jesus loves her and it was time someone did something nice for her in the name of the Lord.  

So, when Kenner, one of the new believer’s above in the picture was with me we got to go deliver it to her at work and surprise her.  When we got there Araceli explained that she was having serious headaches for the last few days and was in the middle of one when we showed up.  We laid hands on her and God touched her and took her headache away!  She broke out in the sweats and was thankful that we prayed for her.  

Can you imagine what her reaction was when we presented her the new cell phone?!  Hahaha!  It was so fun!  Tears of joy and relief, and all in the name of LOVE!  

It truly is better to give than to receive, especially when you get to watch it wreck someone in a good way!

Please remember us in your prayers and those I mentioned in this blog who have begun their new life in Jesus.  

All that we do here at The Isaiah Ministry we do in the name of God’s love for all and despite where we might find ourselves in this journey called life, His love is never failing and never far away.


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