A Forever Valentine

Hello friends, family, partners and sponsors!  

The picture below was our most recent attempt to get a photo of the Isaiah Project kids and staff and we almost got everyone in the picture and to smile, haha!  This picture was taken on Valentine’s Day and Jessica and I decided to get a cake for us all to share (yes we somehow had a piece for everyone) along with some Coca Cola (by far the favorite drink here in Nicaragua) to celebrate with our kids and staff what we believe to be the reason we are here on this earth: TO PERSONALLY RECEIVE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND THEN TO LOVE ALL OTHERS UNCONDITIONALLY AND SACRIFICIALLY.  

I guess you could say that is the very reason why this ministry even exists. Our ministry may consist of helping to put at-risk kids through school, bring nourishment into impoverished homes, or repairing a home which no longer provides security or protection from the elements, but all of these things are simply the fruits of good works which hang off of the tree of unconditional and sacrificial love that is the bedrock of all The Isaiah Ministry has done or will ever do for our Nicaraguan brothers and sisters.

In a 3rd world country where there is so much poverty and so much is given free of charge to those who live in abject poverty - entitlement, selfishness, jealousy, and greed are things that we often confront in our service.

It’s wonderful to want to help others and to give, but we’ve also learned the utmost importance of teaching selflessness and sacrificial love to our kids and families. We understand that teaching these Christ-like attributes is not always possible when we bless folks out on the streets or as we go about our day, but with these kids and families that we see on a more consistent basis, we feel like we have the responsibility not only to live out Christ-likeness in front of them but to also help them to see for themselves how beautiful it really is when the truth of “its better to give than to receive” hits the heart and transforms a life.

“For God so loved the world He gave…” and so we too feel like in order to love others well, we have to give.

However, we don’t really see it as we have to give, but rather that we get to give! In this “me me me” selfie world we live in right now, it’s all about “me, myself, and I” and all about how I can get to where I want to go and what I have to do to get there.

Well, here in Nicaragua it is very often about what we or I can give to whoever is in front of me asking me for whichever favor or need at the moment they would like me to fulfill. They aren’t too much interested in what I’m saying or whichever truth I’m desiring them to understand about life; they just want to know if I’m going to give them something or not.

And I can honestly say that almost everyone that comes to our front door or that we encounter out on the streets looking for help along the way almost never walks away empty handed. We believe in giving and trying to meet physical needs any way that we can.

The other day the Lord spoke to my heart about this when I was helping out a man named Alex who has been coming to our home for years now to receive help for various things.

Things like food, medicine, clothes, and bicycle repairs are among the ways in which we have tried to help Alex meet tangible needs.

Alex used to be addicted to glue-sniffing and a few years back gave his life to Jesus and has since walked clean of his former addiction; however, he’s been a bit resistant in receiving any type of spiritual counsel we have tried to offer him when he comes by to ask us for help.

Actually, the last week was the first time Alex has come to one of our Bible studies (although I think he slept through most of it, haha).  Oh well, a start’s a start right?! Anyway, a few days ago he stopped by to ask if I could help him once again repair his flat bicycle tire. After a little chit-chat, I handed him the 3 dollars necessary to buy him a new inner-tube for his bicycle tire and he quickly took the money out of my hand, turned around and was on his way back to the bicycle repair shop without even a “thank you”

I just kinda chuckled at the exchange and then the Lord spoke to my heart and said “Isn’t it sad that so many of my own children do the same with me? They come to me for what I can do for them, but not just to be with me and enjoy my company.”

So this is what we long for our kids, families, staff, and everyone to understand about love. Valentine’s Day has become synonymous with a type of “love” so often displayed on this day by flowers, chocolates, and kisses from a significant other. It’s gotten to a point that if we don’t have that commercialized experience we can actually feel unloved and even begin to loathe Valentine’s Day.


At The Isaiah Ministry we want everyone to know that they are forever Someone’s Valentine! That there hasn’t been a single moment in their existence when they haven’t been wanted and loved!

That instead of chocolates He gave His life for them; and instead of flowers, He gave a cross. And instead of a kiss on the cheek, He offers arms wide-open and a warm embrace that lasts a lifetime!

Thank you for partnering with us in prayer and financial support to enable us to continue sharing this gospel message to anyone and everyone we can! We sincerely appreciate and value each and every one of you!

To partner with The Isaiah Ministry in our efforts to BE LOVE and share the HOPE of the Good News, you can do so in various ways.

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