Hey everyone! I sincerely hope the last month has treated you kindly! And if not, I sincerely hope that next month will be amazing for you!

Since my last blog post, we have been back here in Nicaragua after visiting family for a month and a half and have been enjoying the re-adjustment to our daily lives here in Managua.

Traveling is so fun, and being away from home for days or weeks at a time is always exciting for the new experiences you have and people you meet. However, it can also be challenging as you are forced out of your routines and schedules and have to do things more on the fly.

I guess one of the hardest things for me to maintain when I am away from home is intentional time spent with my Father. I truly enjoy being alone with Him and pouring my heart out as I pray, worship, and ponder what He’s saying to me through His Word. And when I’m at home it’s just easier for me to get up early before everyone else and make myself a cup of coffee and go to my “quiet place” for an hour or so before baby Jo wakes up and demands my time 🙂

So, although we miss family and had a wonderful time abroad, it’s nice to be back in our home, in our bed, and on somewhat of a regular schedule.

One on one time with the Lord is so very important. There is no blueprint on how to spend that time or when to have it. However, in my opinion, I just don’t see how there could be a better way to spend your first waking hours than to commune with the One who created you and knows you better than anyone else - the One who only gives you good gifts and has such goodness awaiting ahead of you that you can’t even fathom it.

I never regret waking up extra early to meet with my Father, never . . . however, I do regret the many times I’ve fallen prey to the temptation of turning off the alarm and rolling over to enjoy another hour of sleep in our cozy and comfy bed. Ahhhhh . . . the flesh, right?! But, thank God for grace, right?! There’s always tomorrow morning. 🙂

 In this blog post I just wanted to update you all as to what we’ve been up to.

And, as I believe you may have guessed by the title of this post, we’ve been prepping ourselves for another amazing year here at The Isaiah Ministry with our beautiful kids, families, staff and friends.


The beginning of every year always means that new kiddos will be joining the Isaiah Ministry family - this year we have 7 newcomers whom I will be presenting to you in the near future.

With our new children joining us in 2017 we have around 30-35 kids who come to the Project daily to spend their afternoons with us in our feeding and tutoring programs. We are also still supporting our two families that we supported in 2016.

It’s always nice to have some new faces around the Project to add new life and flavor to our already rambunctious and lively group of kids. Also, we get to see how far our kids have truly progressed when a new child joins us because we see the stark contrast in behavior, level of effort in their studies, etc. compared to our seasoned veterans. 😉

Months of continued positive influence and loving instruction really do make a notable difference!


The 2nd installment of our Beginner’s Sewing Class Program will be kicking off next month.

Instead of hosting the class in our home/center like we did last year, we decided it would be better to offer it in a different part of the community that is closer to where our mothers live that will be attending the class. So, this year the class will be held where another ministry has a club and preschool.

Our friends at Open Hearts Ministries are laboring with us in providing the site to hold the class and we are providing everything else. 🙂

Originally, we were thinking about looking for a little used car for my wife, Jessica (who will be leading the class once again), which would allow her to go to and from the site as well as perform other tasks for the ministry that either me or our other licensed driver, Alex, typically takes care of. But, after talking it over, we decided it would be more wise to invest in maintaining our ministry truck since we already use it on a daily basis as a people mover/market vehicle.

However. . . there have been mechanical issues with the truck which I have known about for a few years now, but postponed any maintenance due to the repair costs and didn’t want to go the cheaper route.

However, seeing as how my trusty 98 Tacoma 4x4 will probably be seeing more action out on the road with a new driver, we decided it was best to properly fix and maintain it.

So, about $1,200 of repairs later, we are pretty confident that the truck can handle what 2017 may throw at it!

We still have to purchase a set of beefy, anti-nail, anti-flat, anti-open manhole cover, anti-curb tires in the next few months. They will help keep us incident-free while out on the roads, whether we are taking kids to and fro, or driving on all sorts of interesting terrain - and we are trusting God to provide for that need in due time. 🙂

It’s always a special joy for us to be able to provide families with the support they need to be able to send their kids to school with the ease of knowing that they have all the necessary tools to be successful.

Many kids drop out of school once their shoes no longer hold together, or their backpacks can no longer be repaired simply because there isn’t any money in their pockets to buy new school materials. The majority, if not all of our kids, would not go to school with all new supplies and uniforms if it wasn’t for The Isaiah Ministry and those who support our efforts.

A sweet testimony of this truth is that of our newest staff member, Josefa, who has two school-aged children.

Josefa was a bit stressed as to how she was going to be able to stretch her paycheck enough to be able to buy what her children needed in order to begin school in a few days. The impending reality for Josefa was that she was going to have to take out a small loan with a steep interest rate (which she can’t afford) in order to purchase the necessities for her two kids.

Being able to carry a large part of that burden for her in providing her two kids with backpacks, notebooks, pencils and the like, was so fun!

Josefa told us that her kids were ecstatic about their new school supplies, as it’s the first time they have ever started a school year with new backpacks!

Seeing the smiles and the joy that these kids have in knowing that they will get to go to school to further their education, just like all of the other kids, is so rewarding!

Well, that’s all for now on this month’s blog post! Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read our blog.

I love sharing our lives with you and giving you a glimpse into what our day-to-day is like here in Managua.

Please know that we are forever grateful for each and every one of you who support us in financial partnership and prayer.

If you are not already a partner with the our ministry and would like to help us meet our needs, such as keeping vehicles running, helping kids go to school, and paying our wonderful staff, then you can click on the links below to find out about the various ways you can give.

Bless you!


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