Hey everyone!

I am writing this blog entry from cold Germany while warming myself in front of a cozy fire at my parent’s place and I gotta admit, its pretty nice! My wife and I are here with our son Josiah until January 10th and have had a marvelous last 3 weeks or so here visiting family and sight seeing.

The trip didn’t start out so positively though as I was attacked by sickness about 4 days or so before we were to leave Nicaragua and wasn’t 100% sure I was going to be able to make the trip on our scheduled day of travel with how crummy I was feeling. However, the Lord took away the fever and I managed to make the journey by the grace of God and spent the 1st week here recuperating day by day and am now back to 100%.

I gotta tell ya, I’m still reminded each day how much I appreciate the blessing of good health and to have a more grateful disposition towards the Lord for the little things, like sleeping well at night, eating without pain while swallowing, and having energy throughout the day.

That wasn’t the end of it though! The devil’s really been after us lately as he also has been trying to steal our peace and joy through attacking our boy Josiah! Josiah’s ear-drum burst once I got well and to make matter’s worse he came down with chicken-pox, which I think are on the way out right now. He’s handled it like a trooper and thank the Lord he has been for the most part his smiley and strong-willed self.

Now my mom hasn’t been feeling well the last couple of days and we are praying and declaring healing over her and a quick recuperation so that we can all enjoy one another’s company once my little sister and her family arrive in a few days for the Christmas holiday.

Please pray and declare with us complete healing for my mom and protection over us while we are here together.

One of the most exciting things that we get to celebrate at the end of almost every year is the graduation of some of our kids from elementary school!

This year we have 5 kids who graduated from elementary school and will be moving onto high school next year with The Isaiah Ministry backing them all the way.

In the photo below you only see 4 of our kids as the 5th goes to a different elementary school and we couldn’t make it to his graduation.

Jeremias, Sandra, Jose, Julielsca, and Wilber have been with us now for at least 4 years.  We have had the pleasure of watching them grow up and mature into who they are today and we have high hopes for them and their futures.

Alex, who is in the middle of the photo, is our tutor to the high school students and will be receiving the 5 of them next year to his already large group.  Please pray for him! 😉

The 1st year of high school is a real challenge for kids here as they will be going to a larger school with less supervision over them and will be forced to begin making wise decisions for their futures.

In a sense, we will see who will sink and who will swim.  Our expectations for our high school students at The Isaiah Ministry are loftier than for those in primary school so the adjustment for our 1st year high school students can be a bit challenging. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

We also have some good news to share concerning a few of our other high school students who have indeed made wise decisions concerning their futures!

Two more of our high school students will be attending a private school next year!  

As some of you know, we offer the opportunity to attend a private school to those high school students of ours who attend public school for at least their 1st year of high school, achieve a grade point average of at least 80%, and who exhibit good behavior throughout the year.

This past year we only had 2 of our high school students enrolled in the private school we work with, so we are excited to be able to register 2 more for 2017!



Fernando will be going into his 2nd year of high school since he finished his 1st year in the public school system with a GPA of 85%, and he’s almost never a problem with respect to conduct in/outside of the Project.


Alejandro will be going into his last year of high school after spending 4 years in the public school system and finishing last year with a GPA of 84% and drastically turning around his attitude and effort after having a pretty dismal start to his 2016 scholastic campaign.

We are super excited to have three seniors now enrolled into private school that will graduate next year together!

And one of the most awesome things about all of this is that all three of them are Christians (probably the only 3 I would say are Christians for sure among our kids) and to see them taking advantage of the opportunities extended to them is such a blessing to us! 🙂

So my friends, this will be a shorter post than the last one, and I will end by saying that we are enjoying the end of 2016. We’re visiting Christmas markets left and right, and while we are surrounded by Santa’s and Christmas trees, we remember why there is even a celebration to be had.

Jesus - our hope, our grace, our peace, our everything - came into this world choosing to become One with us so that He could identify with us, with our sufferings, with our pains, and so that He could offer an end to all of them through His death and resurrection.

So we rejoice with you all this Christmas season because Jesus is the reason that we can have peace, be forgiven, be healed, and be made whole. Glory Hallelujah to the Lamb!

Merry Christmas to you all!


P.S. We would love to invite you to partner with us in helping to cover the costs in providing these opportunities for our excelling students.

Enrolling our kids in the private school system does mean extra costs for tuition and school supplies, as you can imagine.

The education they receive is at a higher level as the class room sizes are smaller, the teachers are better, and the school offers extra classes such as music, English, beginning accounting, computation, and other classes that are not available to them in the public schools.

Please consider supporting our students by choosing a donation option below:

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