My wife’s sister says YES to Jesus!

I’m so excited to be able to share with you the wonderful news that my wife’s sister Katherine, shown in the picture above on the far right, decided to begin a relationship with Jesus!  Yay!!!!

I am so excited about this that it still makes me smile to see her come to the Project each day (Katherine babysits Josiah each afternoon so Jessica and I can be free’d up to fulfill the needs of the ministry) knowing that she’s now not only a part of my earthly family but the royal family of heaven as well 🙂

I had already been praying for Katherine for a few weeks leading up to the night I was blessed to be provided the opportunity to speak with her about beginning a relationship with Jesus and if she had any issues that were keeping her from saying YES to Him.  Katherine, like most of us, has grown up around “religion” and seen Christians do lots of hurtful things over the years and frankly not given her much desire to pursue getting to know her heavenly Father.  

Until she began coming to our home/Project 5 days a week to care for Josiah I really didn’t see much of a window to approach the subject with Katherine as she seemed pretty closed off, but after a few months of Katherine being present for our worship time with the kids and Bible studies with the staff (not participating but listening in) I began to feel that maybe her hardened resolve was beginning to break, so one night as I was taking her back home I decided to take advantage of the moment and the result was a BEAUTIFUL EXCHANGE; beauty for ashes, forgiveness for sin!  

We are hoping to baptize her in water soon as another of my staff would like to be baptized as well and we just love to be part of those moments!  Praise God!

Wait . . . did we just have fun at the dentist?!  

Yes we did!  Don’t believe me?  Let me explain!  My wife and I had a fun encounter the other day at the dentist, the last place you might expect to have an opportunity to be a blessing to others.  Turns out the head dentist is a believer and was really interested in hearing all about our ministry.  

After 20 minutes or so of chatting about The Isaiah Ministry I asked if we could pray for her and her staff (2 unbelieving assistants who she has been witnessing to for some time).  

Long story short we were able to minister healing to the dentist who had some nervous system issues going on that subsided greatly after prayer and for one of the assistant’s back who has had pain and a heaviness in her back/shoulder area for some time now that lifted completely as we prayed.

 All in all, God loved on all of them and all three were in tears at some point during our encounter as Holy Spirit manifested himself 🙂  

As we drove to the bus station to drop off the 2 dental assistants we were able to share the gospel with them and bless the with a bit of pocket money as they are both single mom’s trying to make ends meet.  

We are super excited to see what Daddy does in their lives after that encounter as we will see them again at our next visit!

Not so random acts of kindness . . .

I don’t believe that kindness need be random, although it may appear so to those on the receiving end of acts of kindness.  I believe we can live lives free of greed and free of self to the point where we are actively searching out opportunities to show kindness and love to others.  

I think lots of us have the thought come to our heads often to reach out to in kindness who appears to be in need of something, a kind word, a hug, a few dollars, prayer, healing, a meal.  The problem is that most times we talk ourselves out of acting on that thought and go on with our daily schedules, putting it out of our minds.  We can do better.

Today I was in the school supply store picking up some items for our Project and I noticed a mom there with her two young girls and she looked like she wasn’t exactly well-off and was struggling to control her two very energetic kids.  We both arrived at the line to the register to pay at the same time so I began chatting with her about her kids, where they went to school and the like.  

The thought came to mind “I should offer to pay for her things.”  So, before I could talk myself out of it I asked her if I could bless her and she sheepishly, but happily and with a smile, said “ok”.  

So I got to bless her and put a smile on her face and it was it worth the few bucks I spent to do so?  You better believe it! 

Making the most of every opportunity!

Whatever it looks like, when you feel like taking the time and maybe sticking your neck out a little bit, you will almost never regret it, Ican promise you that.

It may not always turn out the way you imagined before you took action, but if the end goal is to make someone feel loved and encouraged you almost can’t go wrong.

I share my experiences with you not to boast but rather to encourage you that you too can step out and BE LOVE!  ❤

You can partner with The Isaiah Ministry in a variety of ways in our efforts to BE LOVE and share the HOPE of the Good News, click on the links below to find out more!

Let us know if you have any questions 🙂

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