Outreach at the Isaiah Ministry

At the Isaiah Ministry, we have a number of programs set up in order to reach and serve our community.
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One of our main focuses is to connect children and families-in-need to sponsors around the world who enable us to help provide basic needs for the people of Nicaragua.

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The need in Managua, Nicaragua is not limited to children, as there are many families that are choosing to fight together to stay afloat, grasping on to whatever little hope or faith they have.

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Construction Outreach
Even before the first days of The Isaiah Ministry, we have been conducting evangelistic efforts with many of the children that are now students in The Isaiah Project.

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Graduating high school in Nicaragua is quite an achievement, celebrated by all as if the student has climbed their educational mountain. For most, it is as far as their studies will go.

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Its hard to deny it, there’s just something about getting your hands dirty & building stuff, we at The Isaiah Ministry are all about it. We aim to give a better quality of life to families in need.

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Our Vision

When we speak of “vision” at The Isaiah Ministry we speak of change rooted in righteousness; we speak of desire found in the enjoyment of the Lord; we speak of a vision that finds its origin in an eternal mindset.

We are not hoping to place a band-aid on a gaping wound by simply offering money; we hope to be vessels through which deep, personal relationships are formed and the Holy Spirit is given free reign to heal, to counsel, to guide.

The Isaiah Project

The Future

We at The Isaiah Ministry understand that the future of Nicaragua rests in the precious hands of the children.

We strive daily to come alongside the children and youth of Nicaragua to encourage, enable, and guide as best we can in love and truth.

However, we too understand that we are but brittle clay in our Lord’s hands, each day seeking His will and fighting against the prince of evil who has such a tight grip on this nation.

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