Our Beginner Sewing Class

Here at the Isaiah Ministry, we provide a variety of learning opportunities to the people we are serving. The Beginner’s Sewing Program began in 2016 and provides at risk homes with another possible source of income by teaching them how to repair and fabricate clothing by hand and machine.

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Our Beginner’s Sewing Program officially kicked off in 2016, however the idea for this outreach to our community was birthed a few years earlier when my wife Jessica began sewing classes in 2014 shortly after we were married.

I saw Jessica’s interest in sewing and how much she truly enjoyed creating new things out of old clothes or new cloth that I thought, “Maybe we could eventually use her skills to benefit the lives of others; specifically stay at home moms that are limited in their free time due to caring for their children.”

The Beginner’s Sewing Program is a year long program that seeks to provide at risk homes with another possible source of income in teaching women to repair and fabricate clothing by hand as well as by machine.

Since our 1st year of the sewing program the class size has grown to around 10 women and as you can see by the photos posted to this page the women have thoroughly enjoyed learning how to repair and create clothes using their own skills and creativity that in many cases they never knew they had.

Jessica Folsom facilitates and teaches the class, and has written a blog post about the sewing class that you can check out below.


If you choose to help financially support the Beginner’s Sewing Program by partnering with us, you will help us to:

  • provide each student with their own sewing machine to be used throughout the year
  • perform repairs to the sewing machines as needed
  • provide a stipend for us to have an assistant aid with teaching the class
  • purchase cloth and other sewing necessities for each class.

At the end of the year when the class comes to an end we offer to each of the student’s the opportunity to buy the machine they used throughout the class at half-price.


We choose to offer them the machines at half-price rather than gifting them so that they will feel that they have ownership over the machine and will be more likely to care for and maintain them.

Lastly, the sewing program has also been a wonderful way to get to know the lives of other’s in our surrounding communities that we wouldn’t get to know otherwise, with whom we get to share the love of Christ and minister to on a weekly basis!

We have seen several women in the class healed of various physical issues and more importantly they have experienced a deeper relationship with their Father and have been encouraged to open up more to the One who loves them so much!

Thank you so much for considering partnering with us in this amazing community outreach that is changing lives!


With your help, we are empowering new entrepreneurs and helping boost our local economic development.

With programs like this, we are creating new opportunities for those in need and we could not do it without you. Thank you so much for all of your love, generosity, and encouragement!

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