Its hard to deny it, there’s just something about getting your hands dirty and we at The Isaiah Ministry are all about it.  With James 2:16 as our guide, we seek to provide families in need with the necessities and securities necessary to live with a better quality of life.  The point is, those that don’t know Christ are watching the supposed “Christians” and “Christian ministries”, looking for evidence that we are indeed living out the very words we read from His word and preach in our churches.  With our community outreach projects we are simply looking to be obedient to what we feel God’s word clearly instructs us His followers to do, and that is to show love not only in word, but also in meeting physical and material needs when possible.

Our construction outreach began with building walls around a single-parent home to ensure security against frequent break-ins and robberies in a dangerous neighborhood.  Although we encountered various obstacles throughout the life of the project, such as heavy rains and theft, the blessing of knowing that a family has been cared for and can now rest easy their new found security in their own home is more than enough satisfaction.

Our goal at The Isaiah Ministry is to always have a construction outreach project in mind or in process that blesses a family that is not currently under any care or receiving any provision.  Over the past few years of our existence we have been blessed to be able to repair or replace 4 roofs, build 3 homes, and install 3 bathrooms.

With every year comes a rainy season which brings torrential downpours that will inevitably damage homes and threaten to evacuate families who have no place else to go.  As the Lord leads and provides we at The Isaiah Ministry will be here to do as much as we can to show the love of Christ in the form of shelter and security from the elements; a basic, elemental need that all our supported  kids and families will have this year with your prayers and financial support.

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