Even before the first days of The Isaiah Ministry, we have been conducting a Bible study with many of the children that are now students in The Isaiah Project along with other children in the community.  Once a week we all gather together for a study of the Word accompanied with prayer and worship.  We liken the Bible study to the closest example of a true church many of those attending have been a part of.  It is not a requirement for those participating in The Isaiah Ministry to attend, but we do encourage  and ask all that have an interest in learning about who this God is that we believe created the earth all living beings that live up upon it to come and join us in experiencing His love together.

Sometimes “experiencing” His love may be as simple as listening to some music together while we meditate upon the many blessings in our lives; other times we might even watch a movie and laugh together as we simply cherish shared time outside of homework and school.  Since we at The Isaiah Ministry understand that each day, even each activity is an opportunity to love on these kids we try to stay out of methods or religious routines as much as possible.  We like to show our kids that knowing and following God is indeed an exciting adventure!

Currently we are running around 30 to 40 children and adults in attendance per study.  We love this time of fellowship/prayer/worship/fun with our Nicaraguan friends, for this is the one scheduled time in the week we have set a part time, with undivided attention, to focus on the gospel of Jesus and its relevance to our lives as truth seekers.  We always welcome prayers for those that will attend these studies, as the majority that come are not of the faith and have many distractions and struggles in their daily lives that would fight to keep them in bondage to the world.


It is this time in our ministry when we have seen perhaps the greatest movements of the Holy Spirit, although we know that He is always working in the hearts of our brothers and sisters in ways that can not always be easily witnessed.  We have come to understand more and more each year that it is He who changes the heart, and that we are simply called to love unconditionally.  Thank you for your prayers and devotion to join us in intercession on the behalf of those that are yet to come to know His love in a life-giving way.

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