Will You Help A Family In Need?

There are many ways you can help out those who are in need here at the Isaiah Ministry.

Click below to find information on how to do so!

The families below are currently being supported by our ministry.

Josefa and her children

The need in Managua, Nicaragua is not limited to children as their are many families that are choosing to fight together to stay afloat, grasping on to whatever little hope or faith they have managed to salvage through their struggles. 

The Isaiah Ministry seeks to come alongside those families as well as the children at the Holy Spirit’s leading.

The family sponsorship differs from the child sponsorship of The Isaiah Project in that our interaction with the families is on a much smaller scale.  We can not visit sponsored families daily to check on them and stand by their side daily in the physical sense, however, we can stand by them daily in prayer; this is our hope. 

By connecting each family with a sponsor who is committed to pray for them and support them with a small financial donation each month, they will have their most basic physical necessities while being lifted up in prayer by another brother or sister.

To sponsor a family we ask for a small donation of $50/month which will go directly to food purchases and any other basic needs the family may have. 

We understand that $50/monthly may seem like a small amount, however, we are not seeking to cover all costs a family may have over a month’s time.

Ososma and her children

Your donations will ensure that food is on the table and/or the family will be able to purchase any basic medications or medicines needed.

At The Isaiah Ministry we desire to empower and encourage families, to let them know that there are those who are willing to join the fight with them, however, we will continue to encourage their self-dependence and God-given abilities to support themselves. 

There will be weekly visits by Isaiah Ministry staff for accountability check-ups and prayer.

Miriam and her children

Will you help support a family in need?

We encourage correspondence between sponsors and their adopted families and will do our best to facilitate this process to the best of our abilities.

We couldn't do this without your help and generosity!

The families below are on their feet, have all been sponsored and have now moved on from our program thanks to your support!

The Mojica Family
The Zeledón Family

Will you help us sponsor a family today?

By supporting our ministry, you are making a huge difference in helping families like these get back on their feet.

We couldn’t do any of this without your love, prayer, and generosity.

Thank you!

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