At the Isaiah Ministry, we make education a big priority.

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So what do most high school graduates do when they graduate here in Nicaragua?


Well, if you are not already aware, graduating from high school in Nicaragua is quite an achievement, celebrated by all as if the student has reached the summit of their educational mountain.

…and for most it is as far as their studies will go.

Carmen de Los Ángeles Bolaños Maltez

- Majoring in International Relations
- Attending The University of the Valley

Roberto Carlos Aguirre Vargas

- Majoring in Marketing
- Attends the University of Managua

Actually, to even graduate high school is not thought of as a guarantee, especially in the poorer communities where resources are scarce and the temptations of the street are ever present.
This is the case in our community where we have seen many kids graduate from elementary school, often a few years behind, only to drop out of high school within the first two years of entering high school.
While we at The Isaiah Ministry hold matters of the spirit and faith to be of primary significance in our work here in Nicaragua, we also believe education to be very important and of foundation significance in the development of our kids.
Through our tutoring programs we are able to begin and develop a sense of responsibility and order to our kids’ lives that in most cases has not been nurtured prior to their becoming part of our family.

In 2011 we were extremely blessed to be able to graduate the first two students from The Isaiah Ministry from high school, Alex and Tatiana.  We were very proud of these two students who had encountered many struggles and set-backs in their educational progress, but in the end graduated from a local private school in the top of their class.  Both of these students, as well as several of our staff who were graduating from high school as well, began asking us about what was next in their future.  It did not take us long to know that our support of these exceptional students should extend beyond high school on as long as their efforts remained consistent and the good Lord continues to provide support along the way.

We currently have four staff members that desire to continue their studies at the university level.  The costs of a university education are, as you may have imagined, much cheaper than that of bachelor’s degree in the United States. For $100/month you can fully fund the educational needs of a university student, including monthly-fees, school materials, and transport to and from the university by bus or taxi as needed.


Very few get the opportunity to go to college in Nicaragua and with your help these kids/young adults can realize a dream that will change their life indefinitely!

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Alejandro Emilio Darce Chavez

- Studying Accounting
- Attending The University of Central America

Betty del Carmen Saravia Flores

- Studying Marketing
- Attends The Polytechnic University of Nicaragua

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