The Isaiah Project is the flagship of The Isaiah Ministry. 

Estella-homework-1920x1080We at the Isaiah Ministry understand how important receiving a proper education is to the development and maturing of a human being, but also as a community, and this is the reason why we have been involved in helping to provide children with an opportunity to receive a proper education since day one upon arriving in Nicaragua.

OKids-studying-1080x1620ne of the first things I, Michael, noticed upon arriving to my new home country of Nicaragua years ago was the sheer amount of kids I saw out on the streets during the week when they should have been in school. I came across child after child wandering the streets without parental supervision, sometimes alone, sometimes in groups, and when I would ask them “Why aren’t you in school?” they would pretty much always refer to the same basic problem areas, such as a lack of funds to purchase necessary school supplies, unstable home family environments in the home, and in general not having any positive reinforcement in their lives to encourage them on in their scholastic journeys.

The Isaiah Project is our attempt to come alongside impoverished and at-risk children from 1st grade all the way to high schoolers, encouraging, mentoring, and empowering our students to stay in school and break the cycle of scholastic underachievement in our surrounding communities.

We offer tutoring sessions at the Project five days a week where our students can receive help with their classwork and also are provided with all necessary supplies required to complete their homework.

Carmen helping her kids-829x1028All of our students enrolled in The Isaiah Project receive a new school uniform twice a year, backpack, and have all their scholastic related fees and needs covered by the ministry as long as they are with us. Our sincere desire is that our students remain in The Isaiah Project with us as long as they desire and are fulfilling basic expectations given for to all our students. We have seen many of our students finish elementary school over the years and even a few have graduated from high school! (The equivalent of getting your Master’s Degree in the United States.)

Carmen-224x300Another aspect of The Isaiah Project that is provided to all our 30-40 students and staff on site is that of daily nutritional supplementation. Each day the kids and staff come to our center we have a nutritious and complete lunch provided for them.

Obviously in an impoverished country a proper diet is hard to come by, if not impossible, for many of our students so we feel very blessed to be able to provide them with a meal to fill their bellies and make sure they have the energy it takes to spend the next few hours in tutoring with us. Many times we are able to cook special dishes for them that the majority of our kids rarely get to eat due to economic difficulties in their homes.

Our motivations for all that we would do find their origin in simply striving to be willing vessels through which God can love on these children. We desire to be more than just a tutoring center or a feeding program, for these things, on their own, do not touch the spiritual needs that more desperately require nourishment.

Nicole-1920x1080The Isaiah Ministry is unashamedly faith-based and rooted in the gospel, for it permeates all our teachings and counsel, however, it the necessity of receiving a basic education cannot be overstated and The Isaiah Project is our best effort in providing that to the children of our surrounding communities.


We could not do any of this without the love, support, and generosity of people just like you all around the world. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.


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