The Isaiah ProIsaiah1-kiarax1000ject is the flagship of The Isaiah Ministry. 

Based out of a dusty little barrio directly outside of La Chureca, the municipal trash dump of Managua, 30 kids have been given hope.  In the northwest corner of Managua, you find Rafael Rios, not much more than a collection of broken roads and make-shift houses.

Walking the streets of this community the first thing that you will notice is the sheer quantity of children and adolescents roaming the streets.  This is precisely the demographic The Isaiah Project is seeking to reach.  It wasn’t long before the Lord brought us to the home of a woman who felt the call to reach out to the children of her community, however, she answered that call 8 years before we were introduced to Rafel Rios.

Patricia Velasquez is a big woman with a big personality, and perhaps an even bigger heart.  For 8 years this amazing woman opened her house up to the children of Rafael Rios who needed help with their studies or even just someone who would accept them and tell them that, “Yes,  you can do it.”

Over that 8 year-span Patricia has received little to no help financially or physically.  Outside of the help her teenaged son Enrique could provide here and there, Patricia has essentially been running a very basic tutoring program out of her house unassisted, and all of this on a elementary level education.

After spending a considerable amount of time at the Velasquez home and with the Velasquez family, it became apparent to us what a great thing we were witnessing and how this effort had been sustained with so very little support.  As only God can orchestrate, it came to pass that one day while sitting down with Patricia and discussing the history of her tutoring program and her desires for the future, visions merged through the moving of the Holy Spirit and The Isaiah Project was birthed.

Patricia’s and our ministerial desires merge together in that our motivations for all that we would do find their origin in simply striving to be willing vessels through which God can love on these children.  We desire to be more than just a tutoring center or a feeding program, for these things, on their own, do not touch the spiritual needs that more desperately require nourishment.  The Isaiah Project is unashamedly faith-based and rooted in the gospel, for it permeates all our teachings and counsel.  We know that outside of the work of the Holy Spirit to heal and guide, we would most assuredly fail.

To meet the children sponsored through the Isaiah Project click here.

FEEDING PROGRAMNicole-1920x1080

The Isaiah Project seeks to meet the physical needs of the children of Rafael Rios through a feeding program which provides a balanced breakfast and lunch five days a week.

Currently we have approximately 35 people receiving 2 meals a day through the feeding program.  Costs for the feeding program run around $1,000/month; which includes food/cooking materials and monthly wages for 2 cooks.

As the entirety of The Isaiah Project currently appropriates out nothing more than your basic Nicaraguan home, so does the feeding program;  all the food is prepared and served on-site.


Isaiah3-homework-timeThe Isaiah Project also operates as a tutoring center 5 days a week.  With the majority of the older children attending school in the afternoon and all of the younger ones in the morning, we offer morning and afternoon sessions. When we began the year we had ideas of hiring licensed teachers to handle the bulk of the tutoring load, but as it turns out the big man upstairs had other ideas.  We did begin with hiring one recent collegiate/friend of several of the Isaiah Project employees, who was unemployed at the time, to work with the kids, but it just didn’t work out.  Since parting ways with our former teacher and once again handling the teaching load ourselves, we realized something . . . God wanted the tutoring not to come from outsiders, although professionally qualified, He had already provided the would-be tutors for us, in our high-schoolers:)

Although this may have meant more work in training and equipping our teenagers to effectively, patiently, and most of all lovingly teach the younger ones, it has so blessed our Project in many ways.  For one, our young tutors are learning the value in laboring with their younger counterparts in love and with much patience; and for all of them this is their first ever experience with job-like responsibilities.  I am simply elated that we get to help support our tutors with a small salary, as you can probably imagine the positive psychological benefits of them knowing that they are earning their keep, helping to provide for their families, and at the same time investing in the lives of the children they tutor are pround.  At the present time we have have 4 tutors working with elementary schoolers of The Isaiah Project, while the high-schoolers are tutored by Michael Folsom and Eli Covington.  

We can not stress enough the source of our motivation for all the good works that can be seen taking place inside theIsaiah4x1000-tatianawithherkidsstudying walls of The Isaiah Project and in the surrounding community; unequivocally and unabashedly it is the love of Christ.  We do not imagine ourselves to be prefect teachers or administrators, but we understand and believe that without the love of Christ covering everything we do our good works fall to the dust and lose their significance.  May the Lord Jesus Christ guide us and you always!



We could not do any of this without the love, support, and generosity of people just like you all around the world. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.


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