Sowing & Reaping

“So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.”

- Galatians 6:9 –

I’m so thankful that Jesus never gave up on me, considering me a lost cause.  His love pursued me and overtook me and changed my life forever. Still today I am going deeper and deeper into the love of God and I never want to get to a place where I camp out and say “ok, this is far enough”.

It’s my personal journey and hunger for the Lord that propels everything else in my life. Whenever I feel that my hunger and longing for Him, His presence, His holiness, His goodness is waning in me, I know to do nothing else but to run to Him and admit to Him yet again that I need Him and cast myself upon His mercy. 

Not a day goes by that I don’t know my life would be in shambles if it wasn’t for Jesus and His great love for me. I would have nothing to give to anyone; no words of wisdom, no testimony of freedom from sin and addiction. I would be just another statistic; another lost soul living for self, yet inwardly longing for purpose and peace.

I’m thankful that I now have something to offer this world.  And I and others of us here at the ministry are finding that there is a hunger for truth and religion-free community that we have uncovered and have begun sowing into. 

Over the last few months we have been so blessed to several of our kids at the ministry open their hearts to Jesus and get touched by His love for the first time.

Like Wilber in the photo above.  He’s been with us for over 6 years now, our oldest student in the Project and has always been expressionless and closed-off to the Gospel. A few weeks ago I felt the Lord impressing upon me the need to sit down yet again with Wilber and spend some time sharing the Good News with him and to ask him if he would like to begin a relationship with Jesus. 

Our time together culminated with a powerful time of prayer in which Wilber gave his life to Jesus and was trembling all over as the Holy Spirit came upon him and made His home in Him. What a joy it was to see the tears in his eyes and the smile on his face that still haven’t disappeared now weeks later.

We were blessed to baptize him the following Sunday!  What’s made Wilber’s experience even more beautiful is that he’s already praying for the sick and seeing them healed, all on his own! No seminary, no doctrine classes, no years in the Lord, only simple faith and compassion for the lost and hurting. We’re so happy for him and what God has in store for his life!

Another highlight over the last few months for us has been the addition of Karla and Gerhardt to our bible study and Isaiah Ministry family. 

Gerhardt (in the photo above) has been a joy for us to get to know; such desire for truth and sincerity to speak from his heart no matter what the cost is a rare combination to find and we have loved pouring into him and seeing Holy Spirit working in his life. 

Gerhardt comes from a very hard past; decades of drug addiction, living on the streets and frequenting crack houses for months at a time, all that combined with a religious upbringing means a lot of mind renewal has been needed and is still ongoing.

In the few weeks we have been doing life with Gerhardt he has been healed of various physical ailments, he decided to forgive his wife of all her mistakes against him, been water baptized, and is now experiencing more peace and intimacy with the Lord than ever before! 

I just love watching people surrender to Jesus and letting Him love them to a place in their life they could have never imagined before!

Karla, Gerhardt’s wife, came to our bible study carrying a lot of things internally that held her captive.

She approached our door with a very stern look on her face and that look remained on her face throughout the whole meeting and she fought back tears the entire time, although she wasn’t able to stop them from falling down her cheeks as she listened to the Gospel of God’s great love and purpose for her life. 

After the meeting I felt the strong need to talk with her and within a few minutes of sharing with her, I was actually just trying to help her feel less uncomfortable, she told me that she had felt like breaking down and crying since she walked up to the door upon arrival and still was feeling quite on the verge of breaking down. 

I told her that was Holy Spirit who was calling her and moving her heart to open-up to Him. I asked her if she’d like to begin a relationship with Jesus and give Him all the stuff she was carrying; she said yes and with many tears and a trembling voice Karla opened up her heart to God and gave her life to Jesus.

It was so beautiful and on her 1st visit to our study!  Seeing smiles on her face become more frequent and to know she’s found that supernatural peace that only Holy Spirit can provide has been such a blessing to our hearts to witness! Karla doesn’t come from a religious background like Gerhardt, so this is all truly new for her and she’s so open, they both are, to the truth and our Lord surely has not disappointed them!

I just wanted to share with you all a few of the testimonies that we have been blessed to experience here at The Isaiah Ministry over the past few months. 

This blog would be too long if I were to mention each healing and decision for Christ that we have witnessed since my last blog, but I thought you might enjoy hearing about Wilber, Gerhardt, and Karla. 

So let’s not grow weary in sowing the seed of the Gospel! Sometimes we may see fruit right away, as we did with Karla; and sometimes we may not for years, as with Wilber. Either way both souls have the same value to our Father and He wants everyone to know Him. 

Our decision to take part or not in the great harvest literally affects lives!

This is no game. So let us press on together and encourage each other to live each day as if it really could be our last or the last for someone else who has yet to meet Jesus!

Bless you all!

- Michael

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